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The unmissable desk buying guide!

Choose the height of your desk

According to ergonomic standards, the height of the general desk top to the ground is about 75cm. Then adjust according to the height of the user and the height of the chair. The distance between the desk top and the desk chair is best controlled within the range of 28 to 32 cm, which is the most comfortable. If there are drawers under the desk, the height of the drawers should not exceed 13cm, otherwise it is easy to hit the legs when getting up. When choosing a table, you should also consider the active area of ​​the legs under the table. Generally speaking, ensure that the clear height under the table is not less than 580cm, so that people can freely stretch their legs under the table. And this distance just helps the user to maintain a more correct sitting posture when using it. That is, keep the two vertical. When the feet are flat on the ground, the thighs and calves can be almost perpendicular. This seat will reduce compression on the lower plane of the thigh. When the arms hang down naturally, the upper arm and the forearm are basically perpendicular. The height of the desktop is basically in contact with the lower plane of the forearm.

Choose the width of the desktop

The width of the desk will directly affect the efficiency of work. If the desktop space is too large, there will be a lot of space, and if the desktop space is too small, it will affect the placement of books and materials. The size of a general single desk is generally around 75cmx130cm. Put down a file basket, a computer, a pot of green plants…it won’t feel crowded or cramped.

Choosing a Desk Material

The table top of the book is in contact with the inside of the arm. Different materials will give people different feelings. According to different habits, it is natural to choose different materials.

Choose the size of your desk

The most important thing to consider when buying a desk is whether you can fit the desk into the space you need. Needless to say in the office, it would be very embarrassing if in your own home, the desk was selected but cannot be placed in the space that you need to place it. For small units, there is often no such thing as a study. That one can consider the kind of partition desk. This desk does not occupy space, but also can play the role of storage and office. For an apartment that is not bad, how easy it is to use and how beautiful it is! For those who love books, having another bookcase next to the desk is the most suitable. It is not enough to choose a comfortable desk, in order to make the office feel happy. We are not just facing a cold desk, we also need to dress it up.

Green plants

A white-collar worker who sits in front of a computer in the office for 8 hours a day needs a pot of green plants to clean his eyes. Add a touch of life to serious work.

Memo note holder/version

Recently, a grid wall has become a popular Internet celebrity all over the world. It is simple to use and gives people unlimited creative space. It has a strong sense of decoration and can also be used as your memo board on the desk.

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