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Living room chandelier installation method and precautions

Installation method of living room chandelier

1. Material preparation

We need to prepare materials before installing the chandelier, such as wood strips, plates, hardware accessories, screws, hammers and other tools are indispensable, only when these tools are prepared can the work be carried out smoothly. In addition, we also need to measure the size of the chandelier and determine the specific installation location.

2. Drilling construction

Next, plug in the power supply of the drilling tool, drill holes on the gypsum board, then bury the hardware accessories or wooden strips in it, fill the nearby holes with adhesive or grout, and wait for it to dry before construction. .

3. Fixed accessories

When installing the chandelier, it is necessary to fix the iron parts or wooden strips. If it is not fixed, it will have a certain impact on the life of the chandelier.

4. Chandelier threading

The next step is to connect the wire to the wick through the suspender. If the chandelier has an attached switch, you need to pay attention to the direction of the line when threading.

5. Chandelier installation

It is best to install the lampshade and lamp arm of the chandelier, which can be installed with tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, etc. After the installation is completed, you can try the power on, and then fine-tune it according to the actual situation.

Installation precautions for chandeliers

1. Pay attention to the position and length of the chandelier. If the chandelier is a combination of multiple small chandeliers, then pay attention to the distance and length relationship between them. If you are not sure about the spacing and length, you can refer to the lighting manual, and then measure it with the size and place it on the top surface. Make a mark on it. After installing the base, you can measure it again, and adjust the position and height to avoid deviation from affecting the overall aesthetics of the chandelier.

2. Pay attention to the firmness and safety of the base. The base of the chandelier must be firmly installed, otherwise it will be very dangerous if it falls. If the weight of the chandelier is more than 3 kg, it is necessary to use pre-embedded hooks to directly fix the support and hanger before installing the chandelier. Reminder: No matter how many chandeliers are installed, the base must be firmly installed and installed in strict accordance with the requirements of the manual, so as to avoid hidden dangers to family safety.

3. Pay attention to the installation height of the chandeliers. Now the floor height of commercial buildings and residential buildings is not very high, so you should pay attention to the height when installing chandeliers indoors, so as not to install too low and affect people’s sight, especially in the living room and dining room. Obstructing the sight of normal people, the light is not dazzling.

Generally, the hanging rod of the chandelier has a thread of a certain length, and the height can be adjusted according to the needs. Considering the floor height, it is not recommended to use long chandeliers for general commercial housing, but simple ceiling lamps will make the interior brighter and more beautiful.

4. When installing the chandelier in the living room, there should be a certain length of thread on the hanging rod, so that it can be used for adjusting the height. Finally, when installing the chandelier in the living room, the light box should be suspended under the sling and the suspender. At this time, attention should be paid to whether the connection is reliable.

The above is the relevant introduction of the installation method of the living room chandelier. I believe everyone has a certain understanding, and I hope it can help you.

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