Louis Poulsen Panthella Lamp

louis poulsen panthella

Designed by Danish-Swiss designer Verner Panton, the Louis Poulsen Panthella lamp is a modern classic that has been in demand since it was introduced in 1971. With its organic shape and smooth curves, it is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used in both home and workplace settings.

Aside from its elegant appearance, the Louis Poulsen Panthella Lamp also emits soft light. The hemispherical acrylic shade reflects downwards, creating a diffused light distribution. It is ideal for use in a home, hotel, or public exhibition. It has an E-27 socket and an on/off switch.

The rounded, trumpet-shaped base of the lamp gives it a distinctive silhouette. It can be a great accent piece for a dining room, living room, or bar. The Panthella table is also available in a portable version. It has a lightweight aluminum structure and a built-in energy saving LED bulb. It comes with an on/off switch and a power cable. It is rated IP-20 and cUL listed.

The Panthella LED table lamp is a compact, practical option for the modern home. It uses die-cast aluminum and transparent acrylic to form the lamp’s shade. It is available in a variety of colors and finishes, including High Lustre Chrome and White Opal. It has a USB port and is compatible with a standard USB adapter. It has a timer function to automatically turn off after 4-8 hours. Its design is based on Panton’s original drawings. It is also available in a metal shade with a metal stem. The metal version also has a screen to focus the light on the surface. The lamp is a compact, dimmable option that can be powered using an inductive charger or a standard USB cable.

In addition to the table lamp, the Panthella Collection includes the floor lamp, pendant lights, and more. The designs are all created with deep respect for architecture and the emotional impact of lighting. The lamps are also sculptural layering that emphasizes the importance of shadow. These lamps can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications, and they provide comfortable, glare-free light.

The Louis Poulsen Panthella Collection is also available in a portable version, the Panthella Portable V2. It features a cordless, rechargeable design, and is available in Black, Orange, Brass metallized, and White opal acrylic. It is dimmable, and the batteries can be replaced. It is compatible with inductive charging, USB cables, and replaceable batteries. It can be used to light up a balcony for up to five hours.

The Panthella Collection has also expanded with the introduction of the new Panthella MINI. This is an elegant, versatile table lamp that offers a wide range of colors and features built-in LED technology. The lamp’s white lacquered interior allows for easy clean-up. It features an adjustable shade and can be switched on and off with an on/off button. It has a separate USB adapter that is available as an accessory.

The Louis Poulsen Panthella Lighting Company was founded in 1874 in Denmark and has established itself as a global supplier of quality architectural lighting. It works closely with architects, designers, and other lighting experts to produce quality products that serve both the private and professional markets. The firm is committed to delivering lighting concepts that are designed to reflect natural light, and to create beautiful ambiences.