The Life-Changing Benefits of the PH Lamp: Shedding Light on Health and Wellness


Natural light is crucial for the human body’s wellbeing, and it impacts our circadian rhythms, metabolism, and hormones. However, people’s lifestyles and the environment have changed dramatically over the years, which has altered our exposure to natural light. Our dependence on artificial light, mainly when we are indoors, has adverse effects on our health. One of the solutions to tackle these issues is through the use of PH lamps. In this article, we explore how the invention of the PH lamp has revolutionized the lighting industry and its advantages.

History of PH Lamp

The PH lamp was first designed by a Danish designer, Poul Henningsen, in 1925. It was created to address the issues of glare from electric light bulbs, which was a common problem in houses and offices. Henningsen studied the properties of light and determined that brightness was the result of the light’s rays reflecting off of the surface of a bulb. To solve this problem, he designed a lamp that would reflect the light’s rays downwards, providing an even, soft illumination.

Benefits of PH Lamps

The PH lamp’s unique design offers several benefits compared to other lighting systems. They are as follows:

Reduced glare

As previously mentioned, the PH lamp was designed to reduce glare from lightbulbs. It is achieved through the use of layered shades, where each layer is angled to reflect light downwards, particularly on the working surface, while minimizing the glare in the surrounding area. This property makes it ideal for office spaces, where the lighting can affect employees’ productivity.

Improve sleep quality

Exposure to artificial light, particularly blue wavelength light, has been shown to disrupt our circadian rhythms, making it harder to fall asleep. PH lamps, on the other hand, provide a softer, warmer light, that helps aid in sleep. They are ideal for bedrooms, where lighting should be relaxing and dimmer.

Reduce eyestrain

Bright and harsh lighting can lead to eye strain and headaches. The PH lamps soft and even illumination reduces the strain on the eyes, making it easier to work or study for long periods. They are perfect for use in reading rooms, libraries, or home offices.

Provide color rendering

The PH lamp’s layered shades and angled design provides a more accurate color rendering of objects compared to other lighting systems. This feature is particularly essential in areas such as art studios, where color accuracy is crucial.

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