The Original BTC Fin Pendant: A Contemporary Lighting Fixture with Timeless Appeal


Lighting fixtures not only add functionality to our living spaces but can also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of our interiors. The Original BTC Fin Pendant is a contemporary lighting fixture that combines sleek design with timeless appeal.


The Original BTC Fin Pendant features a cone-shaped shade made from bone china, a material known for its thin and delicate appearance. The shade is attached to a chromed steel fitting that adds contrast and provides stability. The combination of the bone china and chrome creates a modern industrial aesthetic that is perfect for contemporary interiors.


The Fin Pendant is designed to be both functional and stylish. The shade’s downward-facing design means that it provides focused lighting, making it ideal for use above dining tables, kitchen counters, or in reading areas. The cone-shaped shade also helps to prevent glare, making it a comfortable lighting fixture for the eyes.


The Original BTC Fin Pendant is easy to install and comes with all the necessary components. It can be easily mounted to any ceiling and comes with an adjustable cord, which allows you to position the shade to your desired height.


The Fin Pendant is available in a variety of styles, making it a versatile lighting fixture that can adapt to different interior design themes. The light is available in a classic bone china finish, as well as a smoked or grey tint, offering versatility when it comes to adding it to an interior design.


The classic bone china finish provides a timeless and understated look that works well with traditional interiors. The delicate appearance of the material adds a touch of elegance to spaces such as dining rooms or reading areas.


The smoked edition features a darker tone and a smoky finish that adds warmth and depth to interiors. The Fin Pendant in a smoked finish works well in contemporary spaces with warm and inviting tones.

Grey Tint

The grey tint edition offers versatility, complementing neutral interiors or adding a sleek contrast to darker-toned rooms. The transparency of the grey shade provides an added layer of interest to the design, without compromising on functionality.

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