Halo Lamps – Versatile and Timeless

halo lamp

If you are looking for a modern lighting fixture, then Halo is a great option. It is made of solid materials and is shaped with care. The lamp can be used as a desk lamp, task light, or as an ambient lighting source. This modern ellipse-shaped lamp design features ambient LED color change lights and a wireless charging pad. Powered by a micro-USB cable, it also has an easy on/off switch.

Halo Line is a contemporary addition to the Halo family. The sleek metal ring houses a circular LED inside. Designed to be unique, this lamp comes in two different sizes. Finished in onyx, it is a modern addition to any room. And while this is the newest addition to the Halo family, it is limited to just 99 pieces.

In addition to the Halo Floor Lamp, the Halo Series includes two pendant lights and a wall light. Each of these lamps are designed to give diffused, warm light. They also feature a sophisticated linear optic. Depending on the angle of view, the light ring can give amazing reflections of colors.

HALO is a design by Massimo Bianchi, an Italian artist and designer. He developed the lamp with a well-known manufacturer. After three years of work, he exhibited it in Shanghai and Singapore. Originally, he wanted to hand-build the lamp. But he changed his mind and decided to use an established company.

The halo lamp is designed to be versatile and timeless. It is small enough to fit in a pocket, yet large enough to provide a bright light. The base is narrow and cylindrical. The shade is glazed for a gloss surface that is both durable and reflective.

The light is created with an optical system that creates perfect circles of color. These colors are emitted through a high-powered LED. Depending on the angle of the light, they can be used to create infinite color combinations.

HALO is also available in a copper and brass finish. There is also a spherical projector that can be mounted on the wall. For those who want to see the light in different angles, a small version of the halo lamp is also available.

Halo is a stylish lamp designed to be a functional addition to any room. It is a great choice for individuals who have sight loss conditions. The sleek, ergonomic design can reduce eye strain and provides greater readability. Plus, it has a USB port that allows users to charge other devices, like a cell phone.

You can find the Halo lamp in six different colours. It is manufactured in Italy by Mandalaki, a studio that specializes in creating optical art installations. They have also created the Halo Evo 2 color projector, which integrates a high power LED.

HALO lamps are crafted with special technics to obtain dichroic glass. Dichroic glass is a special glass material that gives amazing color reflections, depending on the angle of view.

The Halo series is available in Warm Sand and Brass. It is ideal for modern and bright spaces.