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Picking the Best Ceiling Lights for Your Home

Why do you recommend everyone to buy ceiling lamps?

The chandeliers have beautiful shapes and various styles, and have always been the first choice for everyone when decorating. However, since the chandelier itself occupies the entire indoor space, if the floor height is low (within 2.8 m), the installation of the chandelier will give people a strong sense of oppression.

The practicality of the chandelier is not as strong as that of the ceiling lamp. It is more of its gorgeous decorative effect, and the more gorgeous the chandelier, the more complicated the structure, and the more time-consuming and laborious it is to clean up later.

In addition to the simple and elegant style and light texture, the ceiling lamps are well-known advantages. I think the biggest advantage is the space saving, it is very suitable for ordinary residential floors and buildings with lower storey heights as the preferred lamps.

In addition, the ceiling lamps are basically designed to be dust-proof and insect-proof. As the use time becomes longer and longer, there will be no problem of dust accumulation in the lamps and small insects entering the lamps. Later maintenance and cleaning are relatively simple, unlike chandeliers. So complicated.

For ordinary residential decoration, it is recommended that you still prefer ceiling lamps.

How to choose a suitable ceiling lamp

Choose the right ceiling light according to your overall interior decoration style

Living room

The living room is the most frequently used in daily life. The style is simple and generous, giving people a bright feeling. The color temperature can be adjusted with at least three colors, or even stepless color matching (directly in one step), which can meet the light source needs in different scenarios.


The bedroom is a place to rest, and it is necessary to create a warm and comfortable environment. Try to choose a light source with medium and low color temperature, which will also have a good sleep aid effect.

Children’s room

The children’s room is a place for children to rest and entertain. The choice of style is full of childishness, and the choice of color temperature can be toned. The child’s body has not yet developed, and the right color temperature is very important.

Kitchen, Balcony

In the home environment, kitchens and balconies are places where high color temperature light sources are required. Attention needs to be concentrated. If the style is as simple as possible, it is well sealed, and it is also convenient for later maintenance and cleaning.

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