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The Phenomenal Design and Innovation of Big Bang Foscarini: Illuminating Spaces with Style


Lighting plays a vital role in enhancing the ambiance of a space, and when it comes to adding style to this functional requirement, Big Bang Foscarini stands out as an excellent choice. The Italian lighting brand Foscarini, with its penchant for innovation, has created a spectacular line of lighting products with the Big Bang Foscarini being one of its most sought-after products. Beyond its functionality of providing light, this lighting product’s design is meant to make a statement by creating an aesthetic ambiance. In this article, we will delve into the phenomenal design and innovation of Big Bang Foscarini and how it is illuminating spaces with style.

The Design and Inspiration

The Big Bang Foscarini is a stunning example of contemporary lighting design. This multi-layered lighting fixture, which comprises of multiple acrylic plates that overlap and converge to form a structure, is visually appealing and intriguing to the eye. The overlapping plates create an effect that is similar to ripples in water’s surface, giving it a dynamic and fluid look. The design of Big Bang Foscarini came from the famous Italian architects, Luciano and Paulo Bertoncini, who drew inspiration from the explosion of the big bang theory. The overlapping plates represent particles that come together in the aftermath of the explosion, creating this unique design.

Materials and Production

The Big Bang Foscarini is made of transparent or colored methacrylate and is available in four different sizes. The design’s complexity requires cutting each plate into a different shape to form this delicate yet robust structure. The plates are then joined by visible screws, giving it an industrial but chic look. The production of the Big Bang Foscarini is quite intricate, and each fixture undergoes a meticulous and precise production process. The seasoned artisans from Foscarini‚Äôs production team ensure that the plates are precisely cut to the correct measurement and then carefully screwed together to form a flawless structure.

Illuminating Spaces with Style

The Big Bang Foscarini’s unique design makes it a fashionable, elegant statement piece that illuminates spaces with style. It is designed to provide warm lighting that highlights the intricate overlapping acrylic plates’ beauty, creating a relaxing ambiance. It is perfect for modern spaces, accentuating clean lines and architectural details. Its large size can be a centerpiece, adding grandeur to spaces, while smaller sizes can be clustered together to create a visual thallus or a cluster.

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