Revolutionizing furniture design with Barber and Osgerby


Barber and Osgerby are a design duo from London known for their innovative furniture design. Their approach to design is based on a combination of functionalism and aesthetics. They have brought a fresh perspective to the furniture industry by embracing new technology and materials to create products that are both visually stunning and highly practical. This article will explore the philosophy behind their design principles, the unique qualities of their products, and the impact they have had on the furniture industry.

Design Philosophy

Barber and Osgerby’s design philosophy is centered on the concept of ‘intelligently designed products’. They believe that products should be designed around the needs of the user, while also being aesthetically pleasing. Their approach is to create products that are minimal, functional, and beautiful. They are always looking for new ways to integrate technology into their design process, which enables them to create products that are both unique and practical.


Barber and Osgerby’s design aesthetic is characterized by clean lines, simplicity, and minimalism. They believe that a product should be stripped down to its essential elements, removing anything that is unnecessary. This results in a cleaner, more refined design that is more visually appealing.


The function is a key part of Barber and Osgerby’s design process. They believe that a product should be designed based on its intended use. This means that every element of a product is carefully considered to ensure that it is easy to use, efficient, and practical.


Barber and Osgerby believes that a product should be beautiful while being practical. They believe that great design is about creating something visually pleasing that still performs its intended function.

The Unique Qualities of Barber and Osgerby’s Furniture

Barber and Osgerby’s furniture is unique in its design and materials. They use technology, advanced materials, and innovative manufacturing techniques to create products that are both highly functional and visually stunning. Their furniture is now available from a wide range of retailers.

Technology-Driven Design

Their approach to product design is centered around the integration of technology. They’re always exploring new ways to integrate technology into the design process. This has enabled them to create products that push the boundaries of what is possible. They used computer software to create their iconic chair, the Tip Ton chair, which has a simple yet unique design.

Innovative Materials

Barber and Osgerby have been at the forefront of using new materials in their furniture designs. They use materials like aluminum, plywood, and fibreglass, which creates products that are lightweight, strong, and durable.

Manufacturing Techniques

Barber and Osgerby have developed their unique manufacturing techniques to ensure that their products are of the highest quality. They use techniques like CNC (computer numerical control) milling and laser cutting to produce furniture that is precise and uniform.

The Impact on the Furniture Industry

Barber and Osgerby have had a significant impact on the furniture industry through their innovative designs and unique approach to product design.

Design Inspiration

Barber and Osgerby’s designs have inspired many other furniture designers to take a more innovative approach to their craft. They have pioneered a new direction in the furniture industry that values high-quality design and functionalism.


Barber and Osgerby’s use of technology and materials has pushed the furniture industry in new directions. Their innovative approach has increased the amount of alternative materials used by other furniture manufacturers.

Aesthetic Influence

Their approach of minimalism and clean lines has impacted the furniture industry significantly. Many products designed by other manufacturers follow the same philosophy.

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