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Revolutionizing Interior Design: Discovering the Bold and Innovative Style of Starck


When you hear the name Starck, you may immediately think of Philippe Starck, a world-renowned French designer, known for his bold and innovative approach to interior design. With a career that has spanned over four decades, Starck has left his mark on everything from furniture to hotels to private residences. In this article, we will dive deeper into the style and philosophy of Starck’s interior design.

The Style of Starck

Starck’s design style can be described as futuristic, playful, and often ironic. He is known for creating spaces that challenge conventional design, while still maintaining functionality. His use of bold colors and interesting shapes creates a unique atmosphere in any space. Starck often incorporates unexpected elements, such as oversized objects or unusual materials, which adds to the whimsical nature of his designs.


One of the defining features of Starck’s designs is his use of unconventional materials. He often experiments with materials in new and exciting ways, challenging their traditional uses. Starck has used everything from re-purposed streetlights to carbon fiber to create furniture and decor. This approach results in unique pieces that stand out in any space.


Another aspect of Starck’s style is his use of color. He often uses bright, bold colors to create a lively and energetic atmosphere. His color choices can range from soft pastels to neon-bright hues, and he isn’t afraid to mix and match colors for a playful effect. Starck’s use of color is crucial to creating a space that is both memorable and functional.

Philosophy of Starck’s Interior Design

Starck’s interior design philosophy centers around creating spaces that are both functional and memorable. He believes that design should never be dull or predictable. Instead, he strives to create interiors that have soul, that inspire people to feel and think in new ways.

The Importance of Lighting

One of the key elements of Starck’s philosophy is the importance of lighting. He believes that lighting has the power to transform a space, and can make or break a design. Starck often uses unique lighting fixtures, such as the iconic Flos Gun lamp, to add visual interest and drama to a space.

Breaking the Rules

Starck believes that design should always challenge the status quo. He isn’t afraid to break the rules and create something truly unique. His designs often incorporate unexpected elements, such as oversized furniture or unusual materials, which adds to the playful nature of his work.

Notable Designs

Throughout his career, Starck has created some truly unforgettable interiors. Here are a few of his most notable designs:

Mondrian Hotel, Los Angeles

Starck’s design of the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles is often cited as one of his most iconic designs. The hotel’s lobby features a curved, oversized sofa and a glowing holographic portrait of Marilyn Monroe. The rooms are all-white, with pops of color in the form of furniture and textiles.

Juicy Salif Citrus Squeezer

While not technically an interior design, Starck’s Juicy Salif Citrus Squeezer has become a design classic. The squeezer is made from polished aluminum and is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

Bubble Club Sofa

The Bubble Club Sofa is another one of Starck’s most recognizable designs. The sofa is made from weather-resistant polyethylene, making it perfect for outdoor use. Its curvy, cartoonish silhouette adds a playful touch to any outdoor space.

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