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The Perfect Solution for Extra Visibility: Corner Light Bars


Corner light bars are a relatively new addition to the world of automotive lighting, designed to provide extra visibility when driving. They are a popular aftermarket accessory for drivers who want to improve their visibility on the road, and they are also becoming more common in new vehicles. In this article, we will discuss what corner light bars are, how they work, and why they are important for driver safety.

What are Corner Light Bars?

Corner light bars are a type of LED lighting that is designed to be mounted on the front corner of a vehicle. They are typically rectangular in shape and emit a bright, focused beam of light that can illuminate a larger area than traditional headlights. Corner light bars are available in a variety of sizes and colors to match different vehicle models and personal preferences.

How do Corner Light Bars Work?

Corner light bars use powerful LED bulbs to produce a bright, intense beam of light that is directed forward and to the side of the vehicle. This allows drivers to see more of their surroundings, especially when turning or changing lanes. The LEDs used in corner light bars are highly efficient and long-lasting, making them an excellent alternative to traditional halogen or HID bulbs.

Why are Corner Light Bars Important for Driver Safety?

Corner light bars are an important safety accessory for drivers, as they can significantly improve their visibility on the road. They are especially useful in low-light conditions, such as during dusk or dawn, or in inclement weather. By illuminating more of the road ahead, corner light bars help drivers to avoid potential hazards, such as wildlife or debris on the road.

Installing Corner Light Bars

Installing corner light bars is a relatively simple process that can be done by most DIY enthusiasts. Most corner light bars come with brackets or mounting hardware that allow them to be securely attached to the vehicle’s front bumper or fender. Once installed, they can be wired directly to the vehicle’s electrical system or to a separate switch.

Choosing the Right Corner Light Bar

When choosing a corner light bar, it is important to consider factors such as brightness, size, and color. Brighter bars are ideal for off-road use, while smaller, less conspicuous bars may be more appropriate for city driving. Color is also an important consideration, as some states have different laws regarding the use of colored lights on vehicles.

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