Setting Up an Office Equipment Policy for Remote Workers

office equipment policy

If you have remote employees who work out of their homes, you will need to set up a policy regarding the office equipment that they receive. This is important to protect your company and your data, and to ensure that all equipment is being used in a professional manner.

Employees may not use agency-owned or University-provided equipment for personal use in any manner that interferes with the official business of the agency or creates an unwarranted expense. This includes using agency-owned computers or laptops to conduct personal business, such as downloading software or sharing information with third parties without first obtaining permission from the department administrator.

It is also a violation of this policy for employees to use agency-owned or University-provided computers for personal use at their residences if they are not authorized to do so by their supervisor.

When employees bring University-owned computer furniture or other equipment to a remote work location they are required to maintain the furniture and equipment in good condition. If the furniture or equipment breaks down or cannot be used for any reason it will be the employee’s responsibility to repair the item and return it to the University.

If an employee is no longer employed by the University or changes departments, any furniture and equipment that is brought to a remote work location will be required to be returned to the University within five business days or a bill will be sent for its value.

This is important to avoid potential liability and prevent a company from double-dipping on its expenses. It also reduces the risk of compliance issues with local laws or government regulations.

Depending on the policies that apply to your company, there are several ways to provide employees with office equipment. You can buy new devices for your workers, provide a WFH stipend to cover associated expenses or simply purchase existing inventory for use by remote employees.

The choice between these options is up to you and your company’s goals, but it’s worth considering how this type of equipment policy can benefit both your business and your remote employees.

1. Providing Home Office Equipment to Remote Workers

If your employees are working out of their homes, they will likely need to use computers at home as well as at the office. This can cause significant additional expenses to your business for things like internet, electricity, and other office supplies.

However, if you can afford to purchase and deliver all the office equipment your employees need for their home offices, this can be a great way to save your company money and keep your employees happy. It can also help you reduce your overall employee turnover rate because it is more likely that your remote employees will stay with the company if they are provided with the right equipment to get their jobs done.

2. Purchasing Equipment for Remote Employees

If your employees are working out of their homes, you will need to purchase computer desks, chairs, and other necessary office equipment that they can use at their homes. This is not a simple task, and it can become expensive if you don’t properly plan your purchases. Luckily, GroWrk can help you with this process.